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[Oct. 4th, 2008|08:05 pm]
Crusty Love


[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Name: nicole
Code Name/Nickname:  wasted
Gender: fem
Location: colorado
Favorite Bands: Amebix, Mischeif Brew, Defiance Ohio,Black Market Fetus, Ghost Mice, Beatles, ACDC
Favorite Movies:  i like too many to list
Favorite Books: Hobo, Free the animals, any hunter s thompson jack kerouac
Longest Time Without a Shower: 2 to 3 months
Ever Been Dumpster Diving?: who hasnt
Best Place to Squat: anywhere
Ever had a mohawk?: unfortunately, it was really big and poked people in the face alot
Drink of Choice?: jack and coke, or boxed wine or 211, or anything
Tattoos/Piercings?: 6 tats, no piercings
Been to any Good Shows Lately? Phobia with impaled and clinging to the trees of a forest fire
Vegetarian/Vegan?: vegetarian, cheese is too good
Favorite Thrift Store?: love to
How did you find us?: being bored
You opinion on anything: i hate pointless tickets

[User Picture]From: nicolewasted
2008-10-25 11:22 pm (UTC)
how so?
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