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Name: Jillian Code Name/Nickname: i have a shit ton. Gender: girl… - Crusty Love [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 2nd, 2008|12:11 am]
Crusty Love
Name: Jillian

Code Name/Nickname: i have a shit ton.

Gender: girl

Location: east coast

Favorite Bands: venom, discharge, tragedy, despised icon, magrudergrind, riistetyt, mika miko, kimya dawson, beat circus, choking victim, leftover crack, no cash, rosa blah blah blah etc

Favorite Movies: the warriors, wizards (if you havent seen wizards, find it and watch it. best animated movie ever), gummo, dark days

Favorite Books: what we do is secret, the portable henry rollins

Longest Time Without a Shower: probably like 6 months

Ever Been Dumpster Diving?: yeah

Best Place to Squat: casa de miserable'

Ever had a mohawk?: too many times

Drink of Choice?: ken-gen

Tattoos/Piercings?: currently = septum, gauged ears, one stick n poke on my hand. used to have = nostril, snake bites, 8 in ears total.

Been to any Good Shows Lately? kimya dawson

Vegetarian/Vegan?: beggars cant be choosers

Favorite Thrift Store?: goodwill

How did you find us?: boredom, insomnia

You opinion on anything. its been too long since i drank last.

From: sleeponsunday
2008-02-02 03:50 pm (UTC)
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